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NosTale News List
Nostale Global Announces Sales Promotion

Nostale: Global it will be hosting a sales promotion. Players that purchase $50 worth of UFOs have a chance of being selected to win a level 20 Bushtail. The promotion will last from the 27th until th..


Being Cute is The Next Best Thing

Nostale is a cute 3D MMORPG that is jam-packed with features aside from questing and grinding. The game puts you in the shoes of an adventurer trying his/her luck in the world of Eastmile.Nostale is a..


The Gear Guide for Soul Hunter of Requiem

nostale players more or less. You gear isnt very unique, you will want to go with standard gear until you can do Prison Mine. Here is the order of gear we went in.NosTale Gold ), you want to either us..


The Grave in NosTale

NosTale is much more by-the-book Western style MMO. Building on more of the gaps they bridge with Guild Wars, players of World of WarCraft, Warhammer Online, Age of Conan etc will find most everything..


Depth currently unparalleled in the MMO space

NosTale, players can choose between creating an Elysea character or an Azmodian - the Balaur being an AI controlled faction.NosTale Gold chosen elite - once ordinary human citizens selected for a high..


NosTale has actually already Launched

NosTale has actually already launched in both China and Korea. Being developed in-house , both of those Asian markets have been used as launch-pads for the game - not bad for a game that many Australi..


The Game Courtesy of NCSoft

NosTales closed-beta test and get a well-rounded look at the remainder of the game courtesy of NCSoft during E3 2009.NosTale Gold (Previously known as NosTale: The Tower of Eternity until the subtitle..


Modern Warfare 2 Preview with NosTale

NosTale AusGamers sat through a live gameplay demo of Modern Warfare 2 at this years E3. Check out our full thoughts...NosTale Gold game, where you play the role of Captain Price as a young SAS operat..


Nostale: myRosso Points Giveaway

1. Sign Up / Login.2. Purchase any amount of Ran Online (CN:EN) myRosso Points or Nostale myRosso Points from OffGamers.3. 20 (Twenty) lucky winners will walk away with 200 myRosso points each!Nostale..


NosTale gold is a role playing game

NosTale is the Tale of the Nomad of Silver Spirit. As a soldier in the US Marine Corps, fighting a fearsome enemy on the remote Pacific island of Skira.NosTale goldgamers face critical choices that wi..


How to play and create a character

NosTale , here is a short guide for you to follow .NosTale Gold.NosTale Gold: Fighter, Magician and Pet owner.Guide- -Holy Warrior (Fighter)NosTale Gold.NosTale Goldfor shopping some powerful weapons ..


NosTale Combat Guide

NosTale.NosTale gold adventure. Of course, if you have better guides of NosTale gold , please post them here...NosTale gold players hunt to gain experience and levels for their character. Hunting can ..


Nostale: special Earth Day event

Nostale, a free-to-play MMORPG.Nostale gold nature hike. The team has posted five screenshots of places in the Nostale world. By visiting these locations, and taking a screenshot of your character as ..


NosTale Online Now Available in the Philippines

NosTale Online, or Tale of the Nomad of Silver Spirit.NosTale gold is already running! All you have to do is download the game, create your account and immerse yourself into the wonderful world that a..


Unholy Alliance - Nostale News

Nostales latest in-game ingame event: Unholy Alliance - Nostale gold NewsNostale gold Global!Unlike most in-game events, this one will be taking place over the entire month of October. Each week will ..


About NosTale online

NosTale is full of lovely exciting style adventure game. Players can play through the stone of space time system, to enrich the experience of the story mode with the task. In addition, as a player in ..


Nostale Global Exclusive Interview

Nostale is a unique MMORPG with easy-to-access events which allow players to interact with other players in PvP and survival objectives. Uforia brought popular MMORPG Nostale gold: Global to North Ame..


MMORPG Nostale Announces Its First Events

Nostale : Global through next Monday (11:59pm PST), January 26, 2009. The promotion provides gamers up to 50% off, using the games currency in Uforias Item Mall. Additionally, Uforia confirmed today t..


Nostale Global - Extends Firesale on UFO's and Announces Scavenger Event

MMORPG title, Nostale : Global through next Monday (11:59pm PST), January 26, 2009. The promotion provides gamers up to 50% off, using the games currency in Uforias Item Mall. Additionally, Uforia con..


Nostale: Global Announced by Uforia

Nostale: Global through next Monday (11:59pm PST), January 26, 2009. The promotion provides gamers up to 50% off, using the games currency in Uforias Item Mall. Additionally, Uforia confirmed today th..


Uforia Partners with Servex to Launch MMORPG Nostale in North America

Nostale: Global to the North American market. From January 2009, gamers in North America can play the free MMORPG by going to Uforias website at gold: Global to the North..


IP e-Games Becomes Gateway for NosTale

NosTale, a new online adventure game to its growing roster of gaming titles.NosTale gold was first released in Korea in 2006. The game has been successfully launched in Japan, Taiwan, India, Europe an..


NosTale Online UK Client

NosTale is a free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game developed by Entwell. This is the new Client UK version.NosTale Gold is the Tale of the Nomad of Silver Spirit. The tale speaks..


Anti-Labor Themes in NosTale

NosTale, a free to play Korean MMORPG with colorful 2D graphics and simple game play. I wasnt expecting much from this MMO, your basic grindfest with some fetch quests thrown into the mix. Following t..


MMOsite Shop: NosTale Cash Pre-Paid Card Added

NosTale GoldCash Pre-Paid Card is added in our MMOsite Shop. This card is for NosTaleGoldGloble from only. This card has key number, but no password.MMO, enjoy your NosTale Gol..


MyRosso Interview with Lim Wei Lun

Nostale Online and Warring State Online. They are hoping to launch some new titles such as Master of Epic, Tower of Druaga and Pandora Saga Online in the year 2008.Nostalegold and Warring State Online..


Nostale Review

IntroductionNos stands for Nomads of Silver Spirit and Nostale is the story of an adventure that takes place on East Mile, the continent of Nos.Nostale is an RPG based on growth and possession in a ca..


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