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Being Cute is The Next Best Thing

Nostale is a cute 3D MMORPG that is jam-packed with features aside from questing and grinding. The game puts you in the shoes of an adventurer trying his/her luck in the world of Eastmile.

The World
Nostale is a world that's fun, cute and full of things to discover. The game's vibrant background will make anyone want to play unless they prefer more serious themed games. The world of Nostale Gold reminds me of kids games which I think is a deliberate act from its developers. The game gives off an innocent and carefree atmosphere that is normal in this genre of MMOs.


 The game has a wonderfully created gaming atmosphere. The bubbly atmosphere's a dime a dozen in a lot of MMORPGs out now. If you look at the game's graphics alone there's nothing that separates the game from others like it. The good thing about the game is that that's not the only thing it has.

Game Features
As I've mentioned a lot of times, Nostale has a lot of features that sets this mmorpg apart from other games that have the same theme and gameplay. The game has a lot of features that you can spend time on aside from the usual questing and grinding.

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