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Depth currently unparalleled in the MMO space

In NosTale, players can choose between creating an Elysea character or an Azmodian - the Balaur being an AI controlled faction.

Beyond their charter objectives and contrasting appearance, the two player factions are largely symmetrical. Each have access to the same four base classes with the same skill sets. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

When the game kicks off you can choose between Warrior, Scout, Mage and Priest and taking matters further, when you complete the game's training area at level 10 (the level cap is 50) you'll earn ascension to the ranks of The Daeva.

Daeva are basically NosTale Gold chosen elite - once ordinary human citizens selected for a higher calling to fight for their Lords and protect their people. Becoming a Daeva rewards you with an immortal spirit and literally earns you your wings (more on that later) but comes at the cost of eternal loyalty to your faction and the protection of your people. 

Your first taste of the game is character customisation, with depth currently unparalleled in the MMO space. NosTale Gold  sports a level of body configuration on par with that of offline RPGs like Mass Effect or Oblivion. At face value you can select from a limited choice of presets, but dig a little deeper and there's a whole range of sliders that let you adjust every little nuance of your avatar's head and body.

The only limitations are governed by your chosen faction, ie: Azmodians have claws, manes and a more saturated skin pigment selection than the Elyos but you're both essentially human.

There aren't any other races or species to choose from, but due to the depth of the character builder, you can point your ears to look like an elf or make yourself short and stocky with a bushy dwarven beard.

In fact, the extreme variation of player height and girth the game allows is actually pretty surprising - as you can see by the image below (note: I'm really not sure what was going on in that room, I wandered into a villa in Pandemonium and just had to take a quick screenshot before getting out of there... fast).

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