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MMOsite Shop: NosTale Cash Pre-Paid Card Added

Attention, everybody!

We are glad to announce that NosTale Gold Cash Pre-Paid Card is added in our MMOsite Shop. This card is for NosTale Gold Globle from only. This card has key number, but no password.

The cards include 70000 NosTale cash, 30000 NosTale cash, 10000 NosTale cash, 5000 NosTale cash and 300 NosTale cash. 

Want to know "How to recharge Noscash with e-Pins?", Click Pic for details.


We welcome everyone to try out this new and exciting MMO, enjoy your NosTale Gold life.

About NosTale:

Nos stands for Nomads of Silver Spirit and Nostale is the story of an adventure that takes place on East Mile, the continent of Nos.Nostale is an RPG based on 'growth and possession' in a cartoonish world, and it employs its own unique style of play.You will be introduced to a lovely world that is friendly yet distinctive and you'll be able to meet other gamers and forge friendships as you play.

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