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MyRosso Interview with Lim Wei Lun

MMOsite: It seems that Myrosso has a preference for Asian games. Are there some criteria for you to select a title to distribute? Have you considered distributing some western MMORPGs?

Lim: MyRosso do have one preference. But it's not necessarily Asian Games or Western Games. MyRosso main and only preference will be quality and responsible games. A game which worth while playing for our players. It's not point arguing which side of the world produces better games since we only dedicated ourselves to seek for the cream of the gaming industry.

MMOsite: I know you attended the 2008 ChinaJoy last month. What is your impression of the expo Nostale gold? Have you achieved your goals?

Lim: 2008 ChinaJoy was superb!! My impression? 10 out of 10! I do achieve my goals. That's why we are having this interview. (Laughing)

MMOsite: What are your future prospects for Myrosso?

Lim: My future is really simple. I hope MyRosso will be the leader for gaming industry for SEA in the sense of creativity Nostale gold, accountability and responsibility. I wish MyRosso, with our devoting teams will continue religiously strive for the star! That's before we set sail to conquer the world. (Laughing again...)

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