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Nostale Review

Nos stands for Nomads of Silver Spirit and Nostale is the story of an adventure that takes place on East Mile, the continent of Nos.Nostale is an RPG based on ¡®growth and possession¡® in a cartoonish world, and it employs its own unique style of play.You will be introduced to a lovely world that
is friendly yet distinctive and you¡®ll be able to meet other gamers and forge friendships as you play.

System requirements
CPU: Pentium3-800MHz
RAM: 256M or higher
Video card: GeForce2 MX, Riva TNT, Radeon 7000 or higher
Hard Disk space occupied: 1.2GB

Adventurer/ Swordsman/ Archer/ Sorcerer (more info on jobs please go to

Explore the world of nostale gold and complete time stones according to your level. Each time stone have 3 stages first is easy, second is difficult, last is special. After completing the time stone you will be rewarded with items such as gears, weapons and other things. Time stones have limit levels like after your level 15 then you would be able to do level 15 time stone.

- Nosmate
In nostale gold, players can make a Fellowship of three cool NPCs and 10 monsters, all from the NPCs and monsters they meet during play. They are like clones of the character so that the way that a player makes his or her Nosmate and plays the game will decide how the rest of the adventure and excitement will play out.
- Time stone
Time stone is a private area created only for a player and his or her party members. Inside the Time stone, players and their party members can concentrate on missions and gameplay without having to worry about being disturbed by other players. Various Time stones and rewards are provided for each level.
- Time circle
Time circle is a magical place existing only for battle between player characters nostale gold. In this isolated place created by the Time circle take place a wide range of battles including 1:1 PvP, pet battles, fellowship battles,and infinite survival. Players participate in battles to become the true hero.

Finally Review...
I think this game is quite fun during boring time and the events are keep on going... like pvp events...This game graphic are still fine but theres bugs at the sound system. The features are nice too like nosmate system and pet system.

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