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The Game Courtesy of NCSoft

We go hands-on with NosTale's closed-beta test and get a well-rounded look at the remainder of the game courtesy of NCSoft during E3 2009.

NosTale Gold (Previously known as NosTale: The Tower of Eternity until the subtitle was dropped late last month) is the next big massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from genre veterans NCSoft.

Some publications have heralded the game as an Eastern answer to World of WarCraft and while we don't necessarily agree entirely with that, NosTale Gold does undoubtedly combine the style and flair of Eastern RPGs with many of the successful gameplay mainstays of popular Western MMOs.

 Unfortunately that was the extent of our demo, but it was enough to more than whet my appetite, as were some of the responses I got to a few questions about NosTale Gold I asked once it was over, such as how the civilian/NPC element would add to the game (check the launch trailer to see what I'm talking about).

"Innocents die in war and there's always collateral damage," came the casual reply.

I also made the suggestion there would have to be a snow-based multiplayer map after what we'd just seen. "Snow maps are cool," responded Robert with a wry smile. "

We're not talking about multiplayer yet," an Activision PR rep added NosTale Gold quickly, but too late. 

Though I'd have liked to see a lot more, the idea we'll probably see a snow multiplayer map (hopefully replete with zero visibility as was showcased through certain sections of the campaign demo) was a great tidbit of info, as was the tantalising idea new gameplay elements would be introduced with civilian NPCs littering fire-zones and the like.

It was also said we'll definitely be playing the game from multiple perspectives once again with SAS, Delta Force and Navy Seals currently confirmed, but as was bluntly thrown at me, no real info on multiplayer was divulged.

From an Aussie console gaming perspective, I can only hope Infinity Ward follow Treyarch's decision to include P2P options for multiplayer that let you narrow server hunting to deftly local servers for an optimum connection.

There was no mention of dedicated server support for the PC, but given the last two Call of Duties support it, it's highly likely we'll see that trend continue for Modern Warfare 2.

It was also revealed Modern Warfare 2 will feature cooperative play, but not through the single-player campaign; there'll actually be standalone missions like the epilogue "Mile High Club" mission from the first game for that feature.

For more on the game, hit up our local AusGamers Modern Warfare 2 game page. The game will be released worldwide November 10, 2009.

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