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The Gear Guide for Soul Hunter of Requiem

The information from other site, we just give it a Summary. We sincerely hope it can help nostale players more or less. You gear isn't very unique, you will want to go with standard gear until you can do Prison Mine. Here is the order of gear we went in.

Trainee Ordinary - level 10. Frezia Ordinary - level 20 set. Lamenting Sound Supernus - level 25 set. Nella Supernus - level 40 set. Do not worry about Xeons too much on your gear, if you find yourself with extras, go ahead and put them on, but don't think you have to.

As for your weapons(NosTale Gold ), you want to either use a wand and magic shield, or a staff, but you will want to make it at least fortis if not amplio. You should fill your reinforcement slots with +20 hp Xeons. Soul Hunters need their hp.

Your Illusion is a dupe of yourself, it has the same hp and stats as you, so the more hp you have, the better off he will be. So the longer you can kill stuff, and the better chance you have at killing something. If you do end up with extra Xeons, it would be helpful to use +mp recovery, +15 mp, +2 con, +2 int, and +2 mind, not so much this one.

You can combine Xeons to make them stronger, so if you have multiple, go ahead and combine them to make it way better. At around level(NosTale Gold powerleveling) 20-25 a Soul Hunter gets very difficult to play, but stick with it, at level 26 you will get your illusion and actually be able to solo.

The guide explained the souk hunter skills in the game. Hope you will like it. Enjoy your day.
Shape of Fear: The minimum requirements is level 22, and skill mastery is 12.

Open Beta Update. Started on pvp server thought I'd try the skill out in PvP situations. Skill breaks on any attack including nukes. This renders this skill situational. Save points for Lithify as a single target CC. Makes you wonder though why a templar with no cooldown on nukes can nuke during sleap but we can't with long cooldowns on our PvP CC Fear.

Chaos: The minimum level requirement is 22, and skill mastery is 12. Here is the best online website for players to buy NosTale Gold service. We provide the lowest price and the best service.

Your target will not actually hit or provoke a fight with any other mob. Consider this an extended fear, and you can still nuke and deal damage. The nice thing is eventually as you level up you can kill many mobs above your head before "chaos" wears out.

This skill makes soloing nightmares above your level possible in controlled envirements. Downside is sometimes they run so far away you cant hit them any longer without gaining new aggro. It is a very useful skill for players.

Hope something in the message above helped! If you want to get a higher level for your character in short time, or want to buy cheaper NosTale Gold for your character in the game. Our site is your best choice. Hope you enjoy yourself in this wonder game.


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