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Atlus Online reveals next MMO license, Pandora Saga

Atlus Online confirms its next localization project will be Rosso Index's MMORPG, Pandora Saga. Developed by Headlock, Pandora Saga has been running in Japan.

Pandora Saga is set amidst a large-scale war between nations, so the title itself promises weekly realm-versus-realm online multiplayer supporting up to 600 players at once. According to Atlus Online, the name of the game in Pandora Saga is fast-paced, real-time siege warfare which reward strategy on the part of its players.

"Our goal with Pandora Saga is nothing less than raising gamers' expectations for what a free-to-play MMORPG can be," stated Producer Justin Guthrie of Atlus Online. "Impressive scope and real-time combat involve and engage the player, bringing the back story and turmoil of the game world to life, (Pandora Saga Gold)while the various character and battle-related customization options give gamers a greater sense of ownership. Players must consider their angle of attack and properly manage siege weaponry found in many of the game world's contested zones in order to achieve dominance."

Atlus Online is currently scouting for potential players to participate in the upcoming closed beta test for the North American release of Pandora Saga, scheduled to start this December. The game will then be open for service sometime early next year. Pandora Saga is already available in English, but access is limited to Asian markets outside of Japan. Atlus Online is releasing the same game, but with their own localization and support.

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