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Hera’s Pandora Saga Adventure

To be honest, Pandora Saga is not a bad game until the hosting company myRosso for M’sian version messed it all up with their overpriced item mall items. Anyhow, I’ll just state what I’ve been doing during the missing in action days from Burogu though I know most people are used to my habit. *Winks*

There are a total of six races in Pandora Saga Gold which are Human, Elf, Dwarf, Myrine, Enkidu and Lapin. After playing the game for some time, I’ve noticed that Dwarfs are close to extinction (Yes, seriously). Elves are generally shorter than Human and very adorable while Myrines remind me of Asmodians in Aion Online for their skin colour. They’re very sexy with big boobies but epic turn down when you look at their over-sized hips (My bad, I sounded like some perverted guy now). Enkidus look like some red-skinned warrior with too-muscular body and tiny leg which I’ve totally no comment on them at all. Now for the best part, Lapins! They’re cute, cute and CUTE!!! They’re very short, only reaching Myrine’s (Tallest race) knee. Also, they got flat bunny ears and big eyes too.

The leveling in Buy Pandora Saga Gold is not too bad when you get used to their system and abuse what you have legally. For new players, I’ll said it is a challenge without the help of high level players. Take myself as example when I was in Vynch, it took me 2-3 days to hit level 20. Yet on my 3rd character Nivy, she only took about 4-6 hours to hit level 20 with some special help. See how it makes the differences now?

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