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Pandora Saga

About Pandora Saga
There exists a Great Empire with an ultimate weapon of terrible power. The people of this land, divided into three warring nations, have come to call this force "Pandora." Each faction-the Kingdom of St. Pfelstein, Varik Confederation, and the Latugan Empire-seeks Pandora for themselves, for it is written that Pandora's wielder will rule the world. So it is amidst this battle for supremacy, with an entire realm devouring itself from greed for power, that you awaken. Bereft of memory, you will choose a side and lend your strength to their defense lest the war for control of Pandora Saga brings the walls of your nation crumbling down...

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Pandora Saga Gold Key Features
War of tremendous scale-With an emphasis on PvP action and a variety of immense theatres of war upon which to wage battle, some of Pandora Saga 's greatest conflicts can host as many as 600 combatants.Real-time, strategy-laced combat-Breaking from genre traditions, attacks occur in real-time based on user inputs. Bonuses based on player tactics, such as the direction from which an enemy is attacked, can be exercised by either combatant, making for exceptionally tense PvP encounters.A world full of meaningful choices-Ally with one of three major nations, join a guild (or create your own), and explore a variety of deep customization options. Combat-related choices, such as managing defensive strong points across the game world's many vast battlefields and one's preference for how to enter battle (on horseback, for example), highlight Pandora Saga 's fast, action-packed battles.

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