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Pandora Saga Overview

Pandora Saga combines elements of magic and strategic war tactics to create a challenging gaming experience. This Japanese MMORPG is centered on three warring nations in medieval Europe. Players have their pick from six distinct races, each possessing extraordinary abilities. There are four basic classes in Pandora Saga that can later progress to twenty-eight higher classes. The first class change starts at level 20. Listed below are the four basic classes:

Warrior – Warriors are masters in hand-to-hand combat. They specialize in the art of the sword and melee fighting. Warriors are key players in battle due to direct attacks and ability to withstand a considerable amount of damage from opponents.

Scout – Scouts are skilled archers. They serve as deadly assassins striking enemies from far off ranges. Scouts can quickly attack assisting aiding party members in intense battles.

Acolyte – Acolytes are valuable players. They possess the ability to keep a Pandora Saga Gold group alive in the midst of war. Acolytes cast healing and support spells that can revive multiple members.

Mage – Mages are one of the most powerful classes when it comes to battle. They cast a variety of magic spells that deliver massive damage to opposing enemies. Their only weakness is close-range fighting.

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