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Pet Forest Game Review
At the very beginning, Newbies are accompanied into battle by a single pet, a flying pig pet. But if you are diligent and skillful, you can soon capture much stronger ones. When your pets and characters raise their level, both of them gain new skills and stat points.
What’s more, in this Pet Forest Money game, death caused by temporary absence won’t be a headache for you anymore, because the off-line training function allows you to take care of characters and pets during your absence.
Thanks to the awesome graphics and smooth gameplay bring by Flash technology, this game won the “Best Role Playing Game of 2008″ award in the Web-Games Summit Awards. When reality attained, the name is known. Simple, smooth visuals, in-depth pet system, log in using social networking accounts and tons of quests with auto-navigate, these pros of Pet Forest suggest that Pet Forest deserves this award. Those little cute creatures of wonderland are waiting for you to claim, do you have the heart to keep them waiting so long?

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