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Pet Forest Now Comes in Spanish

PlayOMG, worldwide publisher of online games,announces that the Spanish version of Pet Forest, its browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG), will be released soon. A new official website is also on the way and features rich content, including introduction, basic information and news updates.

Pet Forest has been open to the world and has continued to grow rapidly. An increasing number of players have enjoyed this game simply for happiness at collecting a variety of pets. The Spanish version, Bosque de Mascota has all the detail and features of the original Pet Forest, including active time battle, skill tree development, navigation system, daily quests and much more. The new official website unveils four major classes along with their talent skills. There is also introduction of exploration areas as well as monsters appearing on the fields. Bosque de Mascota will be supporting PlayOMG member login and social account login including Facebook, MySpace and Yahoo. More features will be announced in the official website soon.

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