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Pet Forest to violent populace

Yesterday I spent 50 Pet Forest bought two mud a fireball one stone. Violent outcome to evolution stone to open up a big waste being carefully watched depressed arrested under the baby's experience of their predecessors by results of a 15 Pet Forest Gold be able to catch all the violent synthetic approach! ! !
First you must have 30 or so large as to be able to grasp when your baby get in front!
Second best are renewable nature of this number and skills of primary care
Good grasp now that baby's way! !
First to the fastest way to get hold of small rose 15 15 3W sent after the point of system volume to buy PFO Gold 100 golden catcher spent Volume 28000 Pet Forest Gold The remaining volume of 2000 points to buy two large stones to sell gold to buy a capture card five small stones, and 100 bronze catcher (bronze capture card 15 before the mission would send) is now the gold card to the five or so scouring
Now embark on the road to captureCase I rock boats
After the first breaking point without experiencing too much is not much difference between playing and then to 8, the first round began scratching Bronze Round 19 Round 18 began to grasp the Pet Forest Gold My friend and I caught a total of 40 small fly the fastest of 19 Round Rock 39 Round captured the
slowest average, at least 100 arrested nine gold baby! ! !
This is the fastest I have found the method of grasping the baby could buy Cheap Pet Forest Gold hope to be useful!
More difficult to grasp a small ball of fire 43 rounds with a friend
Another violent nature of evolution is only useful for other major waste does not matter baby My little stone regenerator + lazy s 19 Pet Forest Gold~ ~ ~
Besides a line of the way! First of all, and economic foundations wonderking gold is simply to get hold of more of the turkey before you receive a small farm in large estates to small, on the certificate transactions
Buy pets that eat meat buy a nursery to put enough fire into the sleep wake up to 15 eggs, you get 6 months if a number then the next day do something 。

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