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Some ways of playing new game better

If you are the new one player play the Pet Forest online game , you will find it is very challenge. In it, you should buy some money. You will get the plaything from bugbear from store and player. You also could get them with mission. As a rookie, clean up from the last two ways basically it is not realism.

The new has no capital and they do not know the market. The person almost is out of pocket in the early days. If they can change something, they are not the new any more. So they depend on two ways of getting Pet Forest Gold currently. No matter which one, you must realize the market.

You should buy the red fish bug in the early days, sell them in salesroom .You can sell 200-400 each. This always sells well. Because of water in batter could use this bug basically. Buy some cheap calligraphy to sell .It will take long time, but you will earn so much.

It is based on the lowest price, but the price of strike a bargain is your own price.

I choice eidolon, the highest is money. But in the early time eidolon is so low. Cat and human are getting together; they all fall into low level. Cure could restore the HP that player lost. This is the aim.

The higher level you are, the more value you have. Raise could earn half buy Pet Forest Gold. Use the raise with yourself, you must have the habits. Remove some special hurt magic; remove the effect of the player according to the kind of enemy. Add some resist of cheap gold. It is the same of the above.

If enemy use large magic, you must use this one. Sing the magic rapidly; currently enemy has two second blind effect, unless the protective can not appear or yours is high enough. Otherwise do not use it.

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