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Something About Pet Forest

Azuga is a free forever fantasy game by Pet Forest. Combining martial arts, magic skills, and awesome robotics, players can enjoy a mythical world full of legends and powerful items in Azuga.

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Huge thanks to all players who have participated in My Summer in Pet Forest screenshot contest! PlayOMG and BBG site have selected 15 outstanding works for you to vote. These 15 players will receive the selection reward, Boy School Uniform (7 days) & Girl School Uniform (7 days) after July 26th’s weekly maintenance.

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1.Character Information of Pet Forest Display character HP, MP, EXP, and icon. Double-click will open up character information window.
2.Pet Information Display pet HP, MP, EXP, vitality, and icon. Double-click will open up pet window for the game(Pet Forest Money).
3.Quest Tracking Display current quest progress.
4.Chat Window Display all system and chat messages.
5.Enter Message Enter your char massage here.
6.Hotkey Setup Register item or skill upon these slots here.
7 Main Functions Click here to view character info (C), bag (B), skills (I), pet info (P), quest list (L), community (O), mailbox (Y), and action window.
8 Battle Mode Click to switch auto fight or manual fight mode.

9 Tutorial & Notice Click to check system reminders and tutorial message.
10 Action Message Display all character action messages, including quest acquisition, battle message, and item acquisition.
11 Channel Display current map and channel. Double-click to change your channel.
12 Item Mall & Auction Click to open up item mall & auction window.
13 Find Double-click to open up search window to find NPC / monster / quest / instance locations. Clicking on the coordinate can guide you to the specific location.
14 System Setup Click to open up system setup menu, including sound & effect setup.
15 World Map Click to open world map.

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