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State of the Game Pet Forest

As many of you are well aware, we just launched some great content last week concerning Demon and Sage conversion, and the arrival of the long awaited Tideborn skills that had been missing in their arsenal. That, coupled with the new Nien Beast Attack Summer Festival event, generated a lot of Pet Forest and excitement around the game and the feedback from you and the rest of the community have been outstanding.

Of course that isn't the only feedback we have been getting in the past month and we would like to take a minute to discuss one of the major changes that we implemented at the same time. The hot topic of the past month is none other than the vendor price reduction to the Dragon Quest materials.

Right now, Pet Forest Gold has a huge problem on their hands. As some of you may know, botting and gold-farming is a huge issue in their version. In order to put a damper on this type of activity, the DQ vendor price reduction was implemented. You might remember a while ago that there was a change in decomposing 3 Star materials and that it now gives players less amount of Mirage Celestones. This change was also associated with the gold farming in Pet Forest Gold. Simply put, the only way they can combat their Pet Forest Gold farmers, is to hit them directly where it hurts - the coins.

The question now is: What about us? What about the Pet Forest Money version where there is hardly any gold-farmers, spammers, or botters? Why are we getting punished for another version's issues?

Right now we are in the middle of heavy discussions with the development team to think of ways to compensate PWI players for this change. The developers agree and sympathize with PWI players that this change is unfair. Now we can't go into the specifics, but there are a lot of ideas being thrown around. Rest assured that something will be done as soon as possible.

Of course there are still a lot of things that are coming down the pipeline in the form of bug fixes and new features. We can't wait to tell you about all the new stuff coming very soon. For now, enjoy the Summer Event, destroy your opponents with your earn Pet Forest Money new skills, and revel in the Pet Forest !

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