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Upcoming New Update: New World Pioneers

Greetings Players,

We are extremely pleased to announce that we are ready to release a new update of Pet Forest . It provides a variety of features including new maps, instances, systems, events and much more. Before you think you are invincible, you may want to check out harder missions in this coming version. Extraordinary battle rewards await real heroes who conquer tough challenges for boss fights. It’s time to start a new episode in your life. Get ready to roll, fellows!

Pet Forest: New World Pioneers
Release date: May 20th (PST)

The new update features:
New map & instance
Already discovered every corner of the world? New maps & instances will be waiting for you to start the next adventure, and the level cap will be raised to 100!

Guild system
Build up guild buildings that can be administrated by guild members. Fight for honor!

Guild activities
Exciting guild wars will endow you and your partners with honor and glory. More details will be revealed soon.

PK island
The PK island allows you to compete with friends for more experience points. PK lovers, you’re gonna be loving it!

Marriage system
Get married and live with your beloved one in Pet Forest Gold!

Riding system
Make your flying dreams become reality and take the controls of exclusive aircrafts.

Dissolve & intensify
Enhance your equipments to get ultimate weapons through dissolve & intensity systems.

On/off line training
Go walk your dog or take a shower as you employ the off-line training. Your hero will continue leveling up!

So many new features,Pet Forest Gold and systems will be released in this upcoming update. Why not invite your friends to explore the new world together? One more thing, to celebrate the release of the new update, the promotion period of Special Offer and First-time Top-up is extended till May 19th (PST). Stay tuned for the introduction pages coming soon!

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