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Beautiful 2.5D Game

Phoenix Dynasty Online (PDO) is a bright and flashy oriental-themed MMORPG. The game is blessed with a remarkable set of spells and effects, not to mention in game action unlike anything you've ever seen before. We interviewed Danny, Project Manager at Phoenix Dynasty Online and asked him some questions about the game.

PDO Combat

Onrpg: While hosting multiple games, do you find it hard to deliver content to all of them?
We have set up different teams for each game, so all staff can focus on their game and their specific duty. Although we are a new company, most of the our staff members have been in this industry for a couple of years, by which I am not going to say we are very experienced, but we do have accumulated some experience in running all the games and we are progressing toward a mature game publisher and trying to present our games to a much wider player base.
Onrpg: What sets Phoenix Dynasty Gold apart from other 2.5D online games?
Phoenix Dynasty Gold claims itself to be the most beautiful 2D MMORPG. And it lives up to the hype with its artistic graphics and unique water-and-ink appeal. Aside from the graphics, its in-depth content, especially the embrace of the mystic 5-element system, brings unique experience for crafting and PvP.

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