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Deliverance from the Sea in Phoenix Dynasty

In Phoenix Dynasty game ,Consciousness stirred slowly, the web of darkness fading. The voice was gone; the mocking voice, compelling, overwhelming, subduing her in chains more real than those that fettered her wrists. She laid on the cold, wet sand, the tickle of the ocean lapped at her legs, the chill sending shivers up her spine despite the warm breeze that skipped off her shoulders.

She tried to remember. There were images, shattered, drifting through her mind in small fragments of reality. Some of the images were definitely her, scenes playing out before her eyes, but others seemed to be someone else – as though she was a spectator, viewing from a distance as her body moved to the will of another, and did things … she shuddered as she tried to discard the imagery in Phoenix Dynasty Gold .

 Another small wave crested the beach, drenching her lower body. Ainya pushed herself up, willing herself to move from the water’s edge. A dark-skinned man was sitting on his haunches, watching her. His words were kind, invoking more iPhoenix Dynasty Gold. She remembered a fight, long ago, in a distant place. Her hand touched her left brow. That fight had left a scar, a tangible memory. She had the inkling of a mage, reading from a scroll, chanting, and then … nothing – only passages in which she saw herself from a distant place.

The man, Kalanthes, said something that stirred her to awareness in Phoenix Dynasty Gold. She was not the only survivor from the shipwreck; another had survived. The man said the name, a hateful word that swelled her heart in anger – Saddur. He was the slaver from the ship, the one who attached the cuffs to her wrists, and chains to the cuffs. He was the one that had clothed her in the silvered gown of a slavegirl, the trappings of one used for the pleasures of others. Even now she could smell his fetid breath, see his leering eyes, and feel the touch of his greasy, fat hands.

Her eyes cast about the beach, seeking something to use as a weapon. There was a piece of a broken oar, slightly longer than arm’s length, splintered on one end, but strong through the middle. Club or spear, it would not matter. This was the weapon she would use. Saddur had fled into the jungle of this island, Tortage, heading for the city of Phoenix Dynasty Gold. She vowed silently that he would never lay eyes on it.

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