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Fletching and Its Lost Secrets in Phoenix Dynasty

 Our goal is rather simple: Show you how to do it. Our Phoenix Dynasty Fletching Guide is not an exception to this rule, take a look at what you receive when buying this product:

The grand master guide line gives trade skills the attention they deserve. After all, a successful trade master can make a lot more Phoenix Dynasty Gold than seasoned dungeon hunters.

Highlights of the Phoenix Dynasty Gold Fletching Guide:

The top 3 ways to make a fortune with fletching

A detailed break down on arrows and bows

The fastest skill up strategy ever compiled

The advanced recipe database - once you used it, you don't want to miss it

Learn the ropes of cultural fletching

Vendor lists for all materials and components

Arrows: Basic and advanced arrows, this chapter explains everything there is to know about arrow heads, shafts and condensed arrows.

Bows: The complete run down dealing with each and every component, tools and special item.

Skill Raising: Skill level 1 to 250 fast and cheap - no compromises.

Recipes: Old school recipes, Planes of Power specials, Quest recipes and many others: No matter if you are looking for some fast platinum or the most powerful items - the recipe chapter will provide you with the necessary know-how.

Cultural Fletching: Mithril Arrows and Faydark Bows are the essence of cultural fletching. Time for you to master this wonderful skill.

Platinum: Trade skills are an important part of the player driven economy in Phoenix Dynasty Gold. Want to become a big player? Then this chapter of the Phoenix Dynasty Gold Fletching Guide is just the right thing for you.

Sources: Vendor lists for bows and arrows, arrow combines and bow combination charts: Don't miss these useful tools on your way to fletching skill level 250!

This guide is the best Phoenix Dynasty Gold fletching guide available ever. We don't only say it - we mean it: If you find a better fletching guide anywhere on the net, you will get your money back!

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!


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