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Phoenix Dynasty archer guide

Welcome to our website.There is a brief guide of Phoenix Dynasty, to provide assistance for new archers lacking direction..

There are two standard approaches as follows:

 Phoenix Dynasty gold 5 attribute points:
4 Dexterity
1 Strength

This is really the build I would reccommend, the strength enables you to wear the best light armor at each level, and dexterity gives you all the damage you could ever dream of. A lot of people would argue that a build with no vitality is lacking in survivability, but as an archer, the best defense is killing everything before it reaches you.

 Phoenix Dynasty gold 5 attribute points:
3 Dexterity
1 Strength
1 Vitality

I guess this is the build if you are just not comfortable with a complete lack of vitality. It grants you a greater capacity for taking hits, but the reduced dexterity will mean monsters are able to beat on you longer. Note that while a 'pure' archer, may decide later to add vitality to his build and become a hybrid; a hybrid archer can not become a 'pure' archer (without expensive restatting).

This is in no way intended to be an all-inclusive skill guide; it may act as a basis for furthur reading, the following early skills are intended to be choices you won't soon regret, and spirit you won't feel you have wasted. If an early skill is not mentioned here, generally leave it at level 1 (or don't train it at all if it's not a prerequisite).

-Frost Arrow (max)
Low mana cost, high damage, slows target -- whats not to like?

-Lightning Strike (max)
Exceptional metal damage you will come to rely on.

-Blazing Arrow (max)
Constant percentage addition of fire damage while active.

-Bow Mastery (max)

-Winged Blessing (max)
Range -- the furthur you are, the safer you are, every metre counts.

Knockback Arrow (Lvl.1)
Buy time before the monster reaches you by forcing it back 12 yards. Distance does not increase with furthur points, so generally leave this at level 1.

Winged Pledge (max)
Exceptional melee range damage.

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