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Armageddon of phoenixdynasty of the Burning Sea:Just to tell you guys the truth, I never really liked this skill. Partly due to the fact that i had around 15k HP and every time i used it 7.5k HP would tick and my hiero would go down a considerable amount. But if your really into PKing or have a need to crash zhen parties this is the skill to do it with.

In Phoenix Dynasty gold,the only downside of this skill is that werebeasts have an excruciatingly low hit rate.Which means we needed to use bloodbath if we wanted to make sure they weren't just gonna turn around and PK us. Therefore reducing our HP and our damage, though the damage should still be sufficient with a pure con build.

Also if you can get your hands on a ling yun, this skill can be used without blood bath and is basically GG. Note: This is a very expensive skill to level up but in the end is worth it. Though if you don't crash Phoenix Dynasty gold parties or aren't involved with TW at all don't bother with it.This is a great skill to use when tanking bosses since they`ll be focused on you without interruption you can just cast this every 30 seconds to build up your vigor. Needless to say just learn it.

Poison Fangs:This skill is pretty controversial but i have to say i did test it on a fellow guild member on PW-MY to check the damage difference with it at level 10 and i did an additional 300 damage with it consistently. I think it`s worth leveling so long as you have the money and Phoenix Dynasty gold for it.

During your onslaught from level 30 to 40 you will notice that you have received only 3 new skills. Yeah, You may find this some what disappointing but seriously, Deal with it. Two of these skills will become very important in the future and the other a useful filler.

Splitting Earth:This is the only new humanoid skill available to you levels 30-40. But trust me this one was well worth it, it will be our first decent and extremely effective for luring end game. I highly suggest getting this skill to at least level 5 by the time you have reached level 70 as while luring in human form you will use this to keep the mobs aggro.


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