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Squads, classes, and builds in Phoenix Dynasty

One of the essential parts of Phoenix Dynasty guide. We will aim to make a full run, mainly because a squad that can do a full run can make it beyond the double wave, where chances for a random squad to do it are close to zero. Let's see which classes/builds are good for Phoenix Dynasty Gold.

Cleric: Either pure mag or mag/vit hybrid. Light armor is better at the beginning (especially if you have inexperienced barb and BM) because there are plenty of physical mobs in the first stages. During later stages light armor can be at least as good as other builds if you have really good equipment refined and sharded. For pure mag builds things are hard all the way (manly because of lack of Phoenix Dynasty Gold). Hp shards in equipment is strongly recommended for pure mag builds.
Skills: Regeneration Aura - max, Purify 5+ if you have one DD and 7+ if you have two DDs to take care of at the end of the second Stage, Squad buffs - max, and max heals of course.

Venomancer: Any build works. Herc is recommended. Build doesn't matter as veno's are not required to do damage (would be nice to do some though) and Amplify Damage or Befudding Mist can be used by any build. Veno's also don't take much damage though sometimes die from AoE at the last boss, trying to cast Amplify Damage.
Skills: Parasitic Nova - the higher the better as paralysis time increases, Befudding Mist -lvl 10, Amplify Damage - lvl 10, Bramble Guard, Summer Sprint, and Soul Transfusion.

Wizards: Any build. Almost the same as cleric but since wizards get hit more it's hard for an arcane build, high level hp shards may help, but that's why light armor builds are preferred. Of course quality of equipment and refining is crucial. It's good for light armor builds to have their weapon refined +4 at least.
Skills: All basic single target spells for bosses, Dragons Breath - max, Fire Mastery - max, Stone Barrier - max, Black Ice Dragon Strike - might be useful against fire mobs in Phoenix Dynasty Gold.

Barbarian: Heavy pure tanks only. Classic tank with max hp and max defense. Need at least 10k hp.

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