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The Summary and Territorial War in Phoenix Dynasty


In Phoenix Dynasty game,sometimes you will be required to lure a boss towards your party or away from your party ill use Armorer Ko. as an example. Usually you'll have to lure this boss towards the wall because if not the 4 territory war bosses that spawn will kill you.

I find that the most efficient way to lure a boss is to have everyone else in the party stop DPSing while you hit it with ripping bite once and run to where you want it to be. Then once it has reached and you've resumed your aggro routine it's safe to commence DPSing to get  Phoenix Dynasty Gold.

 Now depending on where your leveling at there will be 2 distinct types of mobs, Aggro and Passive. Aggro mobs like spiders or wolves will aggro you as soon as you walk into their radius. This means easy work for you since you'll just have to run by the mobs, collect a few, and then return to the party.

Though your going to have to be a lot more careful when AOEing at aggro mobs and make sure that the Priest,Mage,or Archer don't get overwhelmed by mobs and die. If you notice this happening your probably gonna want to run into the middle of their AOE's and cast Tiger's Challenge.

 If you happening to be AOEing on passive mobs in Phoenix Dynasty Gold , Well your job just got a little bit more difficult. There's 2 ways that you can do this either in Humanoid or Tiger form.

While in humanoid you'll want to just use Splitting Earth every 8-10 seconds or so after you've got some mobs following you. Even though while in Humanoid you only have to use 1 skill, the downside is that you wont have as much speed as in tiger as well as your hiero taking a slightly heavier beating.

If you decide you want to lure while in tiger what your gonna want to do is aggro the mobs and cast tigers presence.

Depending on how far you need to lure the mobs you may need to use either Tigers Challenge or Sundering Heavens to keep the mobs going. I however highly suggest using Humanoid to lure until you've figured out how to micro manage your barbarian very well.

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