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Wood Working Mastery of Phoenix Dynasty

In Phoenix Dynasty Woodworking is one of the easiest methods to become wealthy. The Phoenix Dynasty Gold Woodworking guide tells you all you need to know about the craft. From ideal skill up strategies and how to make a real profit of the trade skill to innovative levelling methods for new players:

Highlights of the Phoenix Dynasty Gold Woodworking Guide:
A step-by-step guide to making a fortune with Woodworking
The fastest, cheapest and easiest ways to reach level 50
10 top end harvesting locations
Learn the essentials of the craft: Food, drink, equipment and boxes
All you need to know about apothecary, geocraft, and weaving
The woodworker database: Recipes, nodes and events
A compact reference for imbued shields and weapons
Tricks of the trade: A legal way to cheat with power regeneration and pristine rates.
Making gold: The author shows you how to turn your woodworking skill into a gold making machine. Find how what sells, what doesn't and where the real profit lies. From a detailed cost and pricing guideline to vendoring advice, the author shows you how to consistently make 1 platinum per day with Woodworking in Phoenix Dynasty Gold.

Reaching level 50: From the Isle of Refuge to reaching a Woodworking skill of 50, this is a detailed walk-through to attain the highest level in this craft. The author provides you with several options for this process:

The fast way: The Phoenix Dynasty Gold Woodworking guide describes the fastest methods to increase your skill.
For traders: Learn how to make a nice profit of your skill while leveling up.
For new players: If you haven't got a high level character already, you will be guided step-by-step to not only raise your woodworking skill, but to equip and advance your character at the same time.
Crafting basics: If you haven't bothered with trade skills in Phoenix Dynasty Gold  yet, this section helps you get into the action in right away. From crafting events and counters to the value of resources it gives you a detailed run-down on the skill.

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