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Priston Tale 2 is a Fantasy Role-Playing MMO Game

Priston Tale 2 is a Fantasy Role-Playing MMO Game. Even though the game doesn’t introduce many new features to the Fantasy Role-Playing MMO Game genre, Priston Tale 2 is still a well polished game that’s worth checking out.

Character creation is very restricted. Characters must be a certain race and gender. It basically boils down to male = melee, female = range. After that you have 4 hair styles, 4 hair colors, 4 eye colors, and 4 skin colors to choose from. The clothes in game at least change your look, but everyone is more or less going to be wearing the same stuff at the same level.

Once you hit level 2, like 5 or 6 new quests appear and more appear with each level. It's mostly kill mobs with a few talk to NPCs once in a while. The best part is that all active quests are displayed on a menu on your right which you can hide anytime you want. Completing quests earns you some fame points.

Once you hit level 3 you can learn new skills from the NPC. Skills just cost money and you can just pay the NPC to learn it. Characters have a nice selection of skills. Buffs are pretty much the most useful skills in the beginning and the attack skills at higher levels are usable, but normal attacks are still very good.

Priston Tale 2 (Priston Tale Gold)is a game built for the fans of the original Priston Tale. This is one of the most user unfriendly games I have played with nearly 0 guidance through the newbie stages and a poorly made interface. There's also too many restrictions to make the game really enjoyable. Classes are too heavily restricted. It has features reminiscent of the old games.

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