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Priston Tale 2 turns 10000

Priston Tale 2 recently got over 10 000 “Likes” on Facebook, and to celebrate this big occasion, we are announcing our Fan Appreciation Contest! Simply “Like” our Fan Appreciation Contest image on Facebook and you could win 1 out of 5 Outlook Change Packages from the PT2 Item Mall. Visit our official Priston Tale 2 Facebook page for details.

The community on the forum has been hard at work making some nice guides to help new and not-so-new players of Priston Tale 2(Priston Tale Gold) improve their play style and strategies in the game. There have been some topics recently created by DestinedToHell in the Class Discussions sub-forum that give tips on playing a number of the game’s character classes, and a guide for newcomers has also been created by Benge in the New Players section of the Community sub-forum. Whether you are new to Priston or just want to join in on the discussion of how to play the game better, these guides some of the best places to start.

In the new version of the game there are a lot of improvements and one of them is some changes to the skills. Some skills will be improved to give you the best gameplay experience as possible and help you enjoy your character’s class much more!

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