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Pure Int Dual Weapon in Priston Tale 2

This is Mmofisher, guys, welcome ! Of course Weapon is very important for you in the game, and now this simple description will give you some help in Priston Tale 2, enjoy it

- This is a very proven and interesting to be a very good PvP and PvE build.

- You have both spear skills for PvE and PvP and also sword skills for PvP with the dual weapons. Then the nukes for PvE and especially PvP.

- You can kill really fast even you are not a tanker. You should wear garments or protector, but for grinding on level (Priston Tale Gold) like 37+ i do recommend switching to armor, by the lag you will need the protection.

- In PvP you fight with both spear and sword skills, of course you need to learn how to do that quick, because you need to switch between different F slots and also change weapons, very quick. The best practice on that can be made on giants.

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