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Segnale in Priston Tale 2

How much do you know about the Priston Tale 2? The class or others? Maybe no, then here we cite Segnale gotten from other websites as an example, you can read the following details and get the points that you need. Please read them carefully.

In fact, the Segnale is a class in this game, and is a fearsome character not to be dealt with lightly. For parties, the Segnale class is the most popular class, being as they can one-hit their targets. They can easily one hit their allies, but it does not mean that they can kill every pitborn they come in contact with in just one strike. The Segnale class has the ability to heal their allies back either to the brink or tip of their health bars. With a heal specified to heal themselves, heal their allies, and also one to heal themselves and their allies in an AoE attack on decreasing health.

However, there exists a problem that the heal may seem to slow at times, but the Segnale class has the ability to revive the dead, therefore it is unnecessary for you to worry. On the other hand, a Segnale can not only crush their opponents with their blood whip, but also revive those around them, a helpful tool for any serious party at the high level of 42. Many may think of the Segnale class as only a healer class, but they realize it is so much more once taking on the role of a Segnale.

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