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Anticipated Emotional MMOG Prius Online Comes to Thailand

CJ Internet announced that they have signed a publishing agreement with Goldensoft to take its popular emotional MMORPG Prius Online to Thailand. The CBT for Thailand is scheduled. Prius Online first launched in its origin territory Korea, then serviced in Japan and Taiwan. CJ internet is preparing for a major update for Prius Online later this year. The update includes new characters and competitive contents. 

Anima may seem to find it hard to express her feelings at first. Let her engage in various emotional experiences with you - you'll notice her growth and she'll start to show her feelings to you in return. Make no mistake - your Anima is not a passive unit that simply tags along with you and follow your orders. She is your companion with her own intentions who knows how to express her feelings.

You get to meet Anima like you meet your soul mate once you start adjusting yourself to the new world. You and Anima (Prius Gold)will soon reach that quiescent place where the star tree stands through heart-pounding connection with each other. It is like a fated karma that began to revive from the distant memory of eternity.

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