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Prius Online Ends IP Bans

As Prius Online’s open beta progresses, Gala-Net has been receiving solid and insightful feedback from its players. Now, the game team is thrilled to share the results of this valuable input with tremendous news: Prius Online will end its IP restrictions and push forward with new game content!

Thousands of fans across the globe exclaimed their distress when Prius Online launched with IP blocks. After seeing exactly how upsetting this was to the player base, Gala-Net went to work with the developer to confront the issue. Several negotiations later, the team successfully bargained for the release of IP restrictions worldwide! Prius Online will now be opened to all regions not currently or in the process of publishing the game.

Gala-Net then pushed forward, seeking to address players’ issues over the lack of in-game content. Once again, Prius Gold the team went to the developer expressing the community’s needs, and again fantastic agreements were reached. As of July 5th, open beta players will be able to access 5 new dungeons scattered throughout the world of Prius! Players won’t have to wait long for more though, as towards the end of July Gala-Net will be releasing its first major update. This update will include 6 new dungeons, Guild Siege, Guild Championships, a level cap increase, and much more!

With the IP Block and the content issues addressed, Gala-Net is avidly researching the next most important community issues.


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