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Prius Online Interview: My Anima and Me

Prius Online has been in full release for about three weeks now, and today, I got the chance to talk to Jooyoung Chung about Prius Online’s past, present, and future, as the game chugs onwards to continuously add content as well as implement new events for the community to enjoy. Prius Online is a free to play anime-themed MMORPG with tons of cool features. Read below to find out more!


OnRPG: Hello, please introduce yourself to our readers who are not familiar with you.

Jooyoung: Hi, my name is Jooyoung Chung and I’m the Senior Producer for Prius Gold. As the producer, I not only handle daily operations but also try to ensure that the game runs smoothly and has the best game play experience possible. In order for that to happen, I must work very closely with our various internal departments and our developer in Korea.



OnRPG: Before we get started, is there any sort of storyline that Prius Online has?

Jooyoung: Yes, Prius has a very in-depth and fascinating storyline for players to discover. Prius is actually a Latin word meaning “first” or “before,” and in the game Prius is the first star created by the god Hooul before he sacrifices himself to save the world. Players now find themselves fighting for survival in a world devastated by the loss of its creator. We’re planning to introduce Prius’ lore continuously over time, but if you want to find out more feel free to visit our website at



OnRPG: Prius Gold was developed originally in Korea, and was recently brought to North American shores in 2011, what did your team do in order to best fit this game to its new audience?

Jooyoung: There are no core mechanical differences between the Korean and the North American versions yet, but we’re constantly researching our market and players’ preferences in order to shape the game appropriately. The results of this research helped us try to recast features in order to fit the game to our players. In fact, we’ve already benefited from a delayed release. Since Prius has been out roughly 3 years, we’ve been able include many polished features, including optimized battle systems, new dungeons, and elaborate questing.


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