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Prius Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG game

Prius Online is a 3D fantasy MMORPG available in South Korea by Netmarble and announced in the U.S. through gPotato. The game took three years to finish and it looks like a great product. While the developers have promised to bring the game to the Western market, no date has yet been set. From the limited information currently available, it looks like the graphic style was influenced by Blizzard’s mega hit WoW but still maintains the anime inspired look found in most Asian MMORPGs. The most interesting feature in Prius Online is the Anima companion system. All players will encounter a girl named Anima during their adventure. This woman has lost her memory and it is up to the player to help her on the path the recovery. The Anime system sounds a bit like the Pran system from Aika Online.

Races – Hume, Lon, Ayin, and Beriah


Gunslinger – A force to be reckoned with at close and long distances. This class has an arsenal of pistols to fire away at unsuspecting foes.

Occultists – Harnesses ice and fire elements for impressive yet deadly attacks. They can immobilize through freezing or engulf their enemy in flames.

Huntress – Equipped with the bow these female warriors can tap into the Spiritual World to heal themselves when injured.

Berserker – They rely on brute force and tackle enemies head on. Berserkers are notorious for their high damage yielding attacks.

Legionnaire – Legionnaires are feared desert warriors that execute continuous blows until their enemy is no more. Using their Prius Gold they hone in on opponents weaknesses and strike.

Shadow Templar – Physically not as strong as other classes they make up for it with their ingenuity. Armed with a rapier and shield they possess the ability to reverse incoming attacks to take out fierce opponents.

Minstrel – This class is part of the female only race known as Beriah. They use lutes infused with mystical powers. Their tunes are beautiful and deadly.

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