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rius Online launches with a spiffy Alienware giveaway

It's a really good day for fans of Prius Online. First up, gPotato has officially launched the title worldwide with no regional restrictions whatsoever. On top of that, Prius has beefed up with a major day one patch that includes an increased level cap to 60, new skills, a pair of additional zones, five virgin dungeons, and castle siege warfare, where guilds can engage in PvP skirmishes to take over one of three castles that will bestow special benefits for the victors.

The last reason why this is such a stellar day is that to celebrate the launch, gPotato got together with Alienware to host an awesome giveaway for the game. Starting today, players can loot special Alienware tokens from mobs, and after two weeks, the person who's accumulated the biggest collection will win a souped up Alienware MX11 laptop!

All players will enjoy double XP and drop rates during "peak gaming hours" and other random giveaways, (Prius Gold)such as the chance to win an HD video camera, during this period. We've also added five new screenshots to our Prius Online gallery, so check 'em out!

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