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Prius Online: Using Swords Melee Class

gPotato has announced worldwide that the CLOSED BETA sign-up for most anticipated Prius Online is coming soon via its official site.Prius Online offers 6 playable classes: occultist, berserker, legionnaire, gunslinger, hunter and musician. Each class has its representative skills and can transfer to two advanced classes. Today, let walk close to swordmaster to get more details about this class.

Born in Intralux, legionnaire are males of the Ayin race taking swords as their weapons. They can promote to be sword fighters or evil swordsmen after reaching level 50. Although they are a melee class like berserkers, they have much better attack power. However, due to a lack of control and AOE skills, they will be at a disadvantage when being encircled by a group of enemies. Despite that their HP is lower than berserkers', they have fast attack speed and high defense, so they can play the role of secondary tanks for a group and main tanks while challenging a low-level boss. Legionnaire are a mixed class of melee and shield.

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