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100M zeny 12.00 USD AE - Yggdrasil
150M zeny 17.98 USD AE - Yggdrasil
200M zeny 23.95 USD AE - Yggdrasil
300M zeny 35.89 USD AE - Yggdrasil
400M zeny 47.81 USD AE - Yggdrasil
500M zeny 59.70 USD AE - Yggdrasil
600M zeny 71.57 USD AE - Yggdrasil
700M zeny 83.41 USD AE - Yggdrasil
800M zeny 95.23 USD AE - Yggdrasil
900M zeny 107.03 USD AE - Yggdrasil
1000M zeny 118.81 USD AE - Yggdrasil
1500M zeny 178.03 USD AE - Yggdrasil
2000M zeny 237.14 USD AE - Yggdrasil
3000M zeny 355.35 USD AE - Yggdrasil
4000M zeny 473.32 USD AE - Yggdrasil
5000M zeny 591.06 USD AE - Yggdrasil
6000M zeny 708.57 USD AE - Yggdrasil
7000M zeny 825.83 USD AE - Yggdrasil
8000M zeny 942.87 USD AE - Yggdrasil
9000M zeny 1,059.66 USD AE - Yggdrasil
10000M zeny 1,176.23 USD AE - Yggdrasil
15000M zeny 1,762.58 USD AE - Yggdrasil
20000M zeny 2,347.75 USD AE - Yggdrasil
Imagine traversing the visually immersive land of Lakia, a floating continent full of fantastical regions, friends, and monsters that enrich a deep and sweeping storyline (one which actually inspired a popular Korean novel). Your fairy familiar Pran at your side, you are one of six dynamic class characters with complementary skills sets who can pursue many compelling avenues of adventure. Whether questers, crafters, or warriors, all players will have the opportunity to swear fealty to one of five nations, each with a strong sense of identity and each offering glory and riches to those who can rise to the supreme rank of Lord Marshal and lead their fellow citizens to world domination. Ultimate power awaits those who have the courage and cunning to grasp it, but shifting alliances between guilds and nations mean that the seat of control is not a comfortable one. This also means that Ragnarok is primed to feature PvP battles on an exhilaratingly colossal scale—one that redefines the "massively" in MMORPG. is offering cheapest Cheap and to our clients.

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