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Action MMORPG Divine Soul Exports to Russia

Recently,Red Cliff the Russian online game company Nikita Online has struck an agreement with GamePrix to publish GamePrix's self-developed action RPG Divine Souls in Russia this year.

Nikita Online, Russian publisher of Divine Souls, made its first appearance at G-Star 2010. Founded in 1991, Nikita Online is the first computer game provider and the largest independent game operator in Russia. Currently, Nikita Online has self-developed more than 100 games and published more than 50 foreign games.

After exporting Divine Souls to North America, Southeast Asia (including 5 regions) and Japan,Red Cliff Gold this time GamePrix pushed the game into the Russian market successfully. Furthermore, GamePrix is still negotiating with Thailand, China, South America and other countries on the exportation of Divine Souls.

Now, Divine Souls is still in its beta test, but many small and medium-sized overseas companies have signed to publish it in the foreign markets.

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