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Increase your faction honor

redcliff online can help upgrade your character quickly and easily, farming and buying it is the first thing you have to do. Some players tired in CB to use crafting as a source of Red Cliff , but essential it required 3 ingredients. The first two were easy finds typically dropping from any monster you may come along, these ingredients were considered as crafting materials and are not the horded provision materials that you will need to increase your faction honor thank goodness. But the tricky part is the final ingredient which is a very rare to find outside of the crafting store If we remember correctly the cost Red Cliff Gold to buy this last ingredient is slightly higher than the selling price of the armor that you craft.

So from a CB stand point, the ingredients you collected will net you a negative profit if you tried to turn them all into armors. The cost of learning we suppose? Yes, the non-faction specific part of the recipe was reasonably rare and cost a fair bit in relation to the end product, but you would just have to adjust your selling price accordingly. It seems you were looking to sell things back to the vendor, which would be a possible exploit if she purchased them from you for more. We think this is a part of the in-game mechanics that will try to stimulate the player economy.

If you were selling it back to the vendor, it will net you a minor loss at lower levels, but it increases significantly at the mid level and we could imagine it would be even higher again at the top tier of crafting.

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