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Plot : Red Cliff is an R rated movie better known as Battle of Red Cliff. The movie is to be released as the second part of the series directed by John Woo who is well known for his action movies. It is a Chinese epic film based on the battle that dates back to 208 A.D. In the opening sequence of the movie power hungry General Cao Cao (Zhang Fenyi) is seen seeking permission from the Emperor of the Han Dynasty to allow his army to organize a southward march to defeat two warlords who were standing in his way of achieving power.

On getting the Red Cliff Gold allowance Cao Cao and his army rain havoc on one of the lord Liu Bei’s (You Yong) army. The only option left for them to survive this attack is to form a coalition with rival warlord Sun Quan (Chang Chen). What happens afterwards changed the history of China. The coalition armies powered by Sun Quan’s war hero Zhou Yu (Tony Leung) defeat Cao Cao’s vast army. The wits and intelligence of Zhou Yu worked for them to outshine the army of the power hungry general. This eventually marked the end of the Han Dynasty.

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