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Recommended MMOs in February 2010

A chorus of shouts for Aion 2.0 broke out last week. Though there was no exciting confirmation message from NCsoft, people who was anticipated to some updated service and balance was a little down but the whole Aion fans community erupted into a loud buzz. No matter what the end is, we're still waiting to see Aion 2.0 update.(Follow them)

Unlike Aion, Mortal Online released a brand-new graphic update version and launched Open Beta Test immediately after this. Personally I missed its new water effects, and you won't miss this. We'll show you Mortal Online's screenshots on next pages. If you're curious about the comparison of water effects among MMOs, check out our reports about water effects in Cataclysm, Aion and others.

N.E.O Online

"WTH, Blade and Soul will start test in the first half year?!" My colleague Michelle interrupted me when I was writing this article. So have you prepared to upgrade hardwares of your PC? The following MMORPGs are almost hardware killer, LOL. Be careful for what you wish for, gentlemen.

Closed beta test for Red Cliff Gold will start on February 8th (PST). CBT will continue for two weeks so that players can have abundant time to fully experience all the exciting game contents. Tantalizing items and test points await you in CBT events as well. Be ready to begin your fantastic adventure in N.E.O Online!

To celebrate N.E.O closed beta, the coming weeks bring many exciting events and there will be prizes awarded to those who attend! These event series include four seeds for you to collect and enjoy. Players who attend all the events will be qualified to get a special prize, which will be redeemed as the game releases. Now check out these closed beta events and be sure to register as a PlayOMG member before downloading the client.

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