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Red Cliff Overview

Red Cliff is an Asian MMORPG based on the era prior to the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese History. With the Han Dynasty in steep decline, bandits and wild creatures roam the countryside. Brave heroes have risen to the challenge, and must do battle across the provinces wielding one of the eighteen available weapon types. Red Cliff does not have a standard class system. Instead, players select which weapon they wish to wield during character creation. Each weapon gives players a different distribution of five stats: ATK, CRIT, GR, CTRL, and HP.

Weapons - Sabre, Spear, Halberd, Battle Axe, Trident, Cudgel, Sword, Axe, Hook, Mace, Hammer, Claw, Shield, Quoits, Staff, Dance, War Fan, Bow.

Now that we’ve had the history lesson, on with the game! The English language (International) version of Red Cliff Gold is hosted by the Malaysian publisher Cubizone. Registration on the official site is simple enough – the only caveat is that the site asks for an ID number. Luckily, players can enter any string of numbers and the system will approve it. The client clocks in at 1.4 gb and may take some time to download since the files are hosted on the other side of the world (assuming you’re from North America). There is currently only a single live server named Conqueror with twelve channels.

The game’s population is very low, and because of the differences in time zones and native languages, the odds of actually working together with someone you bump into is negligible during the early to mid game. Character creation is a bit more in-depth than most Asian MMORPGs – players chose their gender, and between twelve face and seven hair styles. Additionally, there are three size options per gender. Red Cliff has a unique class system, in which players chose from eighteen weapon types. Each weapon type has a different distribution of five stats which, determines what role that weapon plays. The sword, for example, has high RedCliff Gold and Crit but low hp, which means players who choose it will be ideal damage dealers but weak tanks. There are eighteen weapon types in total, but some of them are still not implemented and are grayed out on the selection screen.

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