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Tips how to get more redcliff Gold

If you are a new player, you need read many others' articles to gain enough Red Cliff. I play the game for a year, so now share my opinion in the game. Then you can buy Red Cliff Gold.
If you have many computers, you can play the game for a whole day to play the BOSS. A group number is six numbers, this way can upgrade fast. As a new players, the most exciting thing is to get Red Cliff Gold first. I think the aim is very easy. The most assurance way is to sit chairs. Every large scale online game players need lots of Red Cliff, so money in the game is important, too. In
general, players play the national game to upgrade fast and playing foreign games is harder, because foreign games is usually in English, not every players can clear the game task, unless some easy task. A task to sit down with the class to get the experience that is out of the experience of about 10 just blame the value, so the running back and forth is not the time to do the task, such as a local fixed fight monsters again. This time the experience gain should be better than do a task. If you have a good luck, you can get better equipment. Red Cliff Gold with abundant story would spend you several hours to finish. And monsters area and grade of difficulty is higher and trouble. So you need choose right monsters area to fight to help you upgrading fast. You would like to concentrate
on upgrading and not worth wasting time engage in, but you should not ask to concentrate on fighting monsters together with your teammates such wasting time. So you need choose right method to fight monster to earn RedCliff Gold.

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