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Basice Requiem Online Guides for Beginners

As a new Requiem online player, you may don't know how to work in game. So before you starting, you should some basice Requiem lant online guides for your adventure. The below is some basice knowledge for new people. Enjoy it...

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Requiem lant Bloodymare is for mature players. This game will take you into a dark world of bloodshed created by abuse of experiments. Your goal in this game is to fight against the monsters that stalk the cursed land, and group together with your allies to survive and the bloodthirsty creatures that only prowl at night. Use a wide selection of weapons and the mysterious powers of Beast Possession to strike down your enemies and destroy evil. Requiem lant Online offers a new approach to the MMOPRG gameplay with its dark atmosphere and tense, fighting styles.


 The Gameplay of Requiem lant is a mix between WoW and Ragnarok, mainly because it is somewhat like a Arcade type fighting mmo with the Rpg feel to go with it. You can customize your character to anyway you like with so many different ranges of weapons, and armor to choose from. The game is respectively a huge grindfest but the graphics and the intensity makes up for it.

DNA System: The DNA system requires items to be placed into your DNA, which really makes it another piece of equipment that only modifies your characters reaction. This great new feature also allows a great variety of change to your character depending on your performance.

Beast System: The main feature in Requiem lant is the so called "Beast System" or "Possesion Beast System". Once you reach the level required, you can perform a quest that gives you the ability to transform into a "Nightmarish Beast". The beasts powers are determined by the way it was created with various pieces of the beast system. There is huge diversity in the creation of these beasts mainly because of the vast amount of combinations. Once the Beast Master gauge is full (by slaying monsters) you can morph into the beast that you have created.


***Hint: you are able to buy these pieces to create your beast from other players.


PvP System: The PvP System, like I explained before, is a battleground somewhat like Ragnarok Online with a battle variety from 8 against 8 to 96 against 96. It takes alot of time to balance out your players first before heading into the arenas. The team that wins receives upgrades for their character.

Instances: Instances also better known as "Raids" in WoW, which i also explained earlier. You have the ability to team up with players and fight high level bosses using your whole team as a back up. It takes a lot of preparation and time to defeat bosses in Instances, but give you great rewards like Upgrades.



 Strength Balanced strength, agility, and intelligence.

Weakness Low resistance against magic.

Characteristic Turans are the representative race of Ethergia, and although they don't have any distinctively outstanding strengths, they are renown for their tenacity and solidarity. They are a rational race that upholds justice, preferring balanced and harmonized combat styles, quick movements, and agility over the use of brute force. They are also adept at learning the other races' abilities, adapting the divine magic of the Xenoas for their own use.

Combat Style Turans are mediocre in terms of strength and spirit, but they excel in agility, learning, and intelligence. These qualities enable them to learn and utilize a great variety of skills. They are a highly moral race, so Turans tend to use humane skills that do not unnecessarily torture their enemies in battle.

Relationship with Other Race The Turan and Bartuk races utilized fighting styles dependent on skills based on physical strength early in their histories. However, the Turans eventually began to also develop a more balanced combat style since the Bartuks were much physically stronger than them. During the era of the Xenon Empire, many Turans studied divine magic and became adepts. They are naturally opposed to the dark magic wielding Kruxenas, and are weak to their magic attacks.


 Strength High Strength and Solidarity

Weakness Low Spirit, Susceptible Minds

Characteristic Bartuks are gifted with enormous physical power, but tend to be spiritually weak. They are easily enraged against their enemies, a serious weakness that is sometimes exploited to make them lose control. Bartuks are absolutely generous to their allies, and fight alongside them with a strong sense of solidarity. They make their decisions simply: assist the friend, smash the enemy. Magic wielding Bartuks are generally limited to the black arts and fire magic, and lack the intelligence to use most sophisticated magic.


Combat Style Bartuks focus on strength based physical weapon combat, foregoing shields to use heavy Two-Handed Weapons. Bartuk magic is usually limited to curse magic or low level support magic. However, Bartuk magic is unfamiliar to the other races, making it difficult for the other races to counter Bartuk spells.

Relationship with Other Race Bartuks have a deep seated hatred toward the Xenoas since they've been historically dominated by them, but now they know how to exploit the Xenoas' weaknesses. Bartuks can cooperate with the Kruxenas, but loathe the Turans and Xenoas.



Strength Physical and Spiritual Superiority

Weakness Won't cooperate with other races. Lack compassion and tenacity, and are inhumane.

Characteristic Kruxenas are endowed with both strong strength and spirit: they can use short and long range weapons, and can become skillful in magic. They are brutal and cold hearted since they are a race created for the purpose of destruction, and will even sacrifice their companions to accomplish their ends. Kruxenas have no qualms over mutilating their enemies, and tend to be antisocial.

Combat Style Warrior classes use light, short range weapon to perform quick strikes, supplemented by DOT attacks. They can also use long range weapons in preemptive attacks. Magician classes use DOT magic to curse and poison enemies, but they are more vulnerable than the warrior classes.

Relationship with Other Race Kruxenas were created by the ancient Natsu race to be humanoid weapons. They are unfriendly to all other races, except for Batuks since they share some of the same genes. Their wickedness and contempt starkly contrast with the more compassionate Turans.


 Strength High intelligence level, swiftness and visual power.

Weakness Small Body, Low Physical Strength

Characteristic Xenoas have an unmatched high intelligence. In spite of their low physical power, they have good hand-skills and eyesight. To make up for their weakness, they have upgraded their long-distance attacks and knowledge-based magic. Xenoas keep the order base on religion, faith and authority. To become the leader of the race, one should show the power of faith to the public. Xenoas believe that they are superior to other races, and are selective, disregarding other races. Currently, the Xenoa is a minority race. But their knowledge of science is very high. Xenoa magic has been developed in a way so that the Xenoas can effectively protect themselves. But some of the magic is for attacking off-guard enemies. Due to its small body, a Xenoa is good at long-range attacks or traps. Its skills of healing or detecting are stronger than the ones of other races. Rather than direct magic attack, Xenoas are excellent in support magic. A Xenoa would even sacrifice itself to cast a huge magic attack.

Combat Style Due to poor physical ability, Xenoas prefer long-range attack styles. Their magic is mainly based on the power and spirit of faith.

Relationship with Other Race Xenoas are very intelligent and tend to disregard other races. But a Xenoa also has the wisdom to hide it. They are also good at manipulating; their magic power is unmatched by the other races.

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