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Some Basic Requiem Online Guide

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Enjoy it:

First thing you should do is talk to any NPC with a yellow "!" above their head. This indicates they have a quest for you, a yellow "?" means that you can finish a part of quest with that npc and a grey "!" means they have a quest for you, but that you are not high enough in levels to accept it yet.

So, your first quests will be to wander around town and talk to the various Requiem lant, and kill a few of them monsters outside of town. Hitting "M" to bring up your map will help a great deal here.


At the top of the map are drop down menus that will allow you to bring up more detailed maps of certain locations. This is handy for lets say, the first quest where you are walking around town trying to find the various Requiem lant such as the blacksmith, armor/weapon shop, etc.

Taking a stroll through the options menu in game and fixing up your settings so that is verything runs as smoothly as possible for you. Turning up the gamma (since the game seems terribly dark) is a good thing to do, others might want to adjust video / sound options or tinker with the hotkeys so they are better suited to their playstyle.

-> Plan out your characters skills and dna before hand. You have a limited number of skill points and due to the fact that you must meet certain requirements to learn new skills (ie: a certain skill mastery level), it is wise to plan ahead so you don't end up short changing yourself down the road.

-> Learn to use the rest key (X by default), this will be the casters best friend for quite some time, it will increase your regen rate for mana/hp

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