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RF online Crafting Guide

Efficient Ways to Level in RF Online

The complexity of an item does not effect the amount of PT that the character gains from crafting it for RF Online Gold.

A character gains no PT from any items crafted that have a required level to use that is lower than 1/2 of the character’s related craft PT.

(With the exception of Ammo crafting). Conversely, the amount of PT gained is static within this range. Therefore, craft the lowest armor that still gives PT, to reduce the chance of failures.

It is cheapest to produce as many of the lowest level item as possible.
Weapon Crafting in RF Online Gold

This skill provides for the crafting of weapons and shields. The cheapest option while leveling weapons is to produce knives.

Crafter-type pure-classed specialists who are Lv 40 or higher have the ability to randomly craft Type A (Purple) or Type B (Yellow/Intense) weapons and Type A shields.
Armor Crafting

This skill provides the crafter with the ability to craft each piece of armor, which requires a different color of processed ore.

Red Helmets
Yellow Upper Armor
Blue Lower Armor
Green Gloves
Black Boots

Boots are by the far the cheapest materials to grind, they use the least amounts of materials. Crafter-type pure-classed specialists who are >L40 have the ability to randomly craft Type B (Yellow/Intense) armor.

Ammo Crafting

Ammo Crafting in RF Online Gold allows the specialist to create special ammo for guns and bows. These can have elemental properties, splash type damage, or even increased damage.

Ammo is no longer purchasable at the Sundries NPCs. The most effective way of leveling is to break down 4 stacks of Mid Mika into Louis Mika and All that Louis Mika into Mika.

This should supply you with enough mika to go from 1-99 or at least 89 which is the last PT level you recieve a new recipe at. Getting to 99 PT only enhances your chance at success when creating ammo.

Accretians cannot make rockets or flamethrower cartridges, but can manufacture grenade launcher ammo.
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