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Rohan News
Rohan Online Introduction

Rohan is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). As with other MMORPGs, Rohan is a MMORPG that allows players to control a character within the game world, explore land..



Rohan: Blood Feud ( These two features, in addition to the previously-released Item Mall, round out the final components of the Trading Center.1. They can be bought directly from YN..


The Quest for the Coat of Arms

Fiesta Online, a free MMORPG with over 2 million players, has an event beginning with the opening of their new server, Legel.The server and event open Monday, August 19, and the first 500 people who r..


Rohan Crafting System Ready To Launch

Rohan: Blood Feud, on June 16th.The Crafting System is a great addition to enhance the gaming experience of our Rohan Crone : Blood Feud players, said Andy Tubbs, Lead of YNK Interactives Rohan Divisi..


Blood Feud Introduces the Game Parlor

Rohan: Blood Feud completes the Trading Center which comprises of the Item Mall, Exchange Market, Special Services, and now the Game Parlor. Players are able to try their luck in both games of chance ..


Information for Make Corns in Rohan

Rohan, the dealer will deal third card. While that is not quite sure, but it seems when the other has less than 10 numbers Prince or Bishop will get another card. So if Prince has A + 2 and Bishop has..


Part One: Blood Feud in Rohan

Rohan. While joining a guild of thousands of players in the Rohan community, the land is full of quests to embark upon, from simple to glorious. Friends and enemies will be made and lost, spectacular ..


Rohan Elf Solo Quest Guide for Level

Start NPC : Helena (Found at Ezker Island Bindstone)Reward : Sparkling Staff(+15 Psy, +15 Vit and x%Mana?) or Crystal Wand (Forgot stats)Objective :rohan crone, he is located next to Helena.2. Obtain ..


Something About Guardian in Rohan

Rohan Players, hope it can help you more or less, just take have a look!rohan crone) that do seek to make a hybrid guardian try this weapon format. Be warned though, this class will cost you a shit to..


Hybrid Build and Strength Build in Rohan

Rohan players, hope it can help you more or less, just have a look.rohan gold these are amazing buffs to have on that help greatly with PvP against players close to your level not to mention PvE, too...


Part 2: Dragon Knight Class Build in Rohan

Rohan which we got from other site, hope it can help you more or less, just have a look.rohan crone) bar below half way before you use Health Funnel or you could be in trouble, well unless you have a ..


Rohan leveling guide

Rohan leveling guide for players.If you have just started playing Rohan or are planning on making an account, then this is the portion you should read. There are three main ways to level your characte..


The Guide for Build in Rohan

rohan crone) 65ish and hunt for the rare acc - Wings of Solemn death, so if you wear this you get +60 dex. +60 dex plus thge dekans base dex will be around a total of 80 atah, if our memory is right, ..


Credits To Mia In Rohan

Rohan Online that came from other website, and hope it helps you more or less.Offensive player at a certain level(Rohan crone powerleveling) player in the probability of additional damage 400%Possibl..


Rohan skill build for Human Defender

Rohan can not be chosen at first until your Human knight character reached level 50 . The following information is about the Human Defender skill build . Have a look !What is the Human Defender Class?..


Rohan: Blood Feud

MMORPG expands by adding The Fire Temple GardenRohan Online : Blood Feud, by adding a new dungeon, The Fire Temple Garden.Rohan crone : Blood Feud has in store for 2009,said Kevin Yoon, Project Manage..


Rohan Solo Dark Elf leveling guide

Rohan online game, do you want to level up your game character? Or you want to level solo?Rohan crone dark elf. If you are, read the following information and i believe they can help in some way.I wou..


Dhan Class Build in rohan

Rohan. They sole purpose for being alive is to kill everything in great numbers. So if this is you then you have come to the right place to find a well balanced build of destuction.Rohan crone for you..


Rohan:Half Elf Ranger class build

Rohan the backpack is counted by weight, you will have a either 6 by 6 or something else of room at the beginning, and everything including equipments takes one space. And not only does the room affec..


Rohan Dhan Predator Stat builds

Rohan Online simply because unlike the Agi build you cant get away with low hp because you wont evade anything except a closed door.Rohan cronesuggest going for a weapon with high HP leech. Personally..


Rohan: The Gods

Rohan Online , just travel along the valley keeping an eye on your right (coming from the bindstone), until you reach a little hidden pathway up that hill there youll notice a sorta flat ground with t..


Rohan quest guide for each level of Dekan

Rohan. Just be informed that for all the quests, there is experience given too apart from rewards. I sincerely hope this guide could be informative. Of course any other info about the game is welcomed..


Guides for Rohan Online Pets

Rohan Onlineplayers , glad to see you !Have you raised a pet in game rohan crone Online ? Its good for you to raise a pet because they help you enhance you stats and makes you better in pvp .and the m..


Rohan Online - Nice MMORPG

Rohan Online. At first I was thinking that Rohan Crone may be just another same Perfect World kind of 3D mmorpg, the kind that I dont really like because of 3D wanna be but poor game system mmorpg, I ..


Rohan online news: closed beta to start in March

Rohan Online will start in march, and will last for about a week.They also added that the english server will be open to everyone (in any nation) and that the game will be free to play, with the usual..


Rohan:Dhan Avenger Class Build

Rohan online . They sole purpose for being alive is to kill everything in great numbers. So if this is you then you have come to the right place to find a well balanced build of destuction. They criti..


Summary of Rohan online

Rohan: Blood Feud is a rich and expansive persistent online world, set of Rohan crone. The land is full of quests to embark upon, from simple to glorious. enemies will be made and lost, spectacular ba..


Rohan Closed Beta Review

Layout The layout of the game is very crowded. They made all the menues and chats way to big. They have one chat box on the left for player chats and one on the right for system messages. Both of thes..


Rohan Online Review

Ill start off with the classesRohan Crone. Dhans can acquire experience by killing other players rather then completing quests if they choose. This class is why some people stop playing the game.Rohan..


Rohan Online First Preview

Rohan Online: Blood Feud is a fantasy free-to-play MMORPG built atop a persistent world that is filled with hard fought battles and countless quests to embark upon. As with any modern MMORPG, you may ..


Rohan Elf Healer/Priest Build

The best for me is. 3 MAG / 1 VIT Oh, and as a healer to priest... no monster should -ever- be able to hit you. Ever. We have a skill that is based off of MAG that does X7 damage. Its real good... Pro..


Rohan(PH) Closed Beta is Approaching!

Rohan Online Philippines today! It is believed that the closed beta of RohanCrone Philippines is approaching! Players can subscribe to news updates from the game blog for insider updates about the gam..


Rohan Online Vault and Database System is alive now!!!

Rohan Vault and Database System is alive now!!! You can find the latest news, guides and resource about rohan cronein the vault, talk with other rohan croneplayers on the forum and share ingame experi..


Rohan Online First Look Preview

MMORPG has released a preview of newest free-to-play MMO from YNK Interactive: Rohan CroneThe BasicsRohan Crone: Blood Feud is a fantasy free-to-play MMORPG built atop a persistent world that is fille..


Rohan: Blood Feud Hits The Half Million Mark

YNK Interactive announced that their MMORPG, Rohan: Blood Fued, recently hit the half a million mark with their registered players. Please read the Press Release for more details.YNK Interactive - the..


Rohan Online Review Details in Class

Rohan online to be is not the best game in the world. I gave the game a try a long time ago while it was in Japanese. I did not play the game to much so the review wont be to big.Knight: These are the..


Rohan Online: Peculiar Pumpkin Mystery!

RohanCronePeculiar Pumpkin Mystery will be taking place between Tuesday 10/21/2008 and Tuesday 11/04/2008. The NPC Willy the Kid has been added to the fishing hole to acquire the quest for this event...


Rohan Online: Blood Feud

The game featured some incredible graphics, that caught my eye the moment I started playing the game. The models of the characters and the environment are not horribly low poly, nor are they very high..


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