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Blood Feud Introduces the Game Parlor

This addition to Rohan: Blood Feud completes the Trading Center which comprises of the Item Mall, Exchange Market, Special Services, and now the Game Parlor. Players are able to try their luck in both games of chance to win exclusive in-game items. The first games released in the Game Parlor today are Big5 and Jackpot. Future games are slated for release in the coming months.

Big5 is played with a Rohan Gold Coin, which isworthy of100 Rohan Points, the currency used in the Trading Center. Within Big5, every gamer leaves a winner with a prize item or Golden Ticket. Prize item options are chosen beforehand by the gamer and will automatically appear in the winner in-game inventory. Prize items consist of Regular Items, which are also obtainable for purchase in the Item Mall, and Lucky Items, that are exclusive to the Game Parlor.

When a gamer wins a Golden Ticket, it can be used in Jackpot along with several other games that will commence in the near future. In Jackpot, the gamer can choose an unlimited amount of tickets to enter in the drawing, which is held bi-weekly. By the end of the drawing, winners will
receive Rohan Gold Coins. The quantity is dependent on the number of entries for that period.

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