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Rohan leveling guide

We will introduce Rohan leveling guide for players.If you have just started playing Rohan or are planning on making an account, then this is the portion you should read. There are three main ways to level your character in rohan online and i will explain each of them.if you are interested in it .just read up.Hopefully the article can help you. I believe you will learn something from it.



This way of leveling is not recommended for grinding purposes unless you have not choice. Before you find a party to grind its really a good idea to get your rohan crone quests out of the way first. You get some really good exp and good items/gears this way. If you can’t find a party some quests are repeatable for exp and crons so this might be an alternative for you. In general solo grinding is slow however may run into a super fast spawn that you can continually kill quickly in a couple of hits. These spawns are best farmed for exp when they are your same level or a little bit lower. This is rare to find a spawn like this that is not crowded and if you are lucky it will be bare and you can kill all the mobs you want at a fast rohan crone pace.


Party Grinding in Dungeon

This is prolly the second best way to level in  rohan crone. This also depends and what class you are when grinding in a dungeon. If you are a healer, dark elf, archer type you may have alot of trouble staying alive in the beginning dungeons. You may die more times then its worth and won’t be very productive. Howerver tank type characters will level very fast in dungeons and rarely die… Well unless the whole party dies and they get mobbed by counltess monsters. So its very important to find a GOOD HEALER. Another great bonus about grinding in a dungeon is that you can obtain some pretty nice  rohan crone gears and some orbs/skill stones. You will also run across a boss here and there to get some extra exp boost and some great items.


High Level Mob Grind

In my opinion this is the best way to level your character. Generally you want a team of 3-4 people and you must have a HEALER. I recommend a Tank, Healer, 2 damage dealers. The idea is to go and find mobs 10-15 levels higher than your characters and start killing them. You would be surprised how fast you can kill them as the damage dealers kill them pretty fast. You can also have 3 damage dealers and 1 healer and take turns pulling mobs in and then rooting them. Early in the game you can easily get 2-3  rohan crone levels an hour this way but as you gain a higher level you will start to slow down a bit obviously. Tip: if you die in a party with no healer just respawn back to town and leave party. Then you can register in party matching and you will be reinvited back to party and teleport there. Make sure you have plenty of summoning stones!

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